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Council Ratings is a platform making the voice of residents heard to achieve the most efficient interactions with their local authorities for improved communication and use of information.

Leading to a digitalised communication space, we aim to enhance the practical engagements, to raise confidence in our local authorities and promote transparency using the flow of data and modern technology.

Huge advancements in technology of analysing the KPIs with enhanced details to improve the services is vastly significant for all the local authorities.

Council ratings has been specifically developed to facilitate interactive communications between residents and the councils using the state of the art technology with our highly skilled development team.

The project seeded during COVID-19 by listening to experiences of the local people, business owners and various residents trying to communicate with their council in the verse of events of the pandemic. Findings led us to consider all residents need technological ways to reach their local authority to make their voice heard.

Uniting residents towards similar resolutions for improved local community connection and taking seriously by local authority their customers is a tool of democracy.

Council Ratings has verification procedures to validate residency to gather data directly relevant to the region therefore with all the public contributions we can make changes.

The platform is not designed to only rate or report incidents in councils, one of our main objective is to create awareness for requests of public through petitions, discussions, ratings and reports for their local authority.

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