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What is major factor for council to fail on responsibility of keeping land clear accessible by public?

I have been walking on Ripple Road in Barking on Sunday 21 August to have fresh air and unfortunately it was not pleasent at all. Land councils must keep clear is stated crystal clear in our law as below;
Council litter authorities are responsible for land where all of the following apply:
it’s open to the air on at least one side
it’s under their direct control
it’s publicly accessible (with or without payment)
This is called ‘relevant land’. Relevant land includes beaches (above the average high water mark).

Unfortunately Barking & Dagenham Council do not provide enoug bins on the streets to prevent spills, overflow only contribute to the litter problem and makes it worse. Piled up rubbish,bin bags bursting at the seams and gutters fill with litter, spilled carcases all over the street is not only a dirty look on the street, it is also unhealthy with all the combination of waste it can cause and spread bacteria such as Weil's disease, which can be passed on to humans through rat urine.

We all appreciate councils to take part in green and clean street projects, I personally support them for recycling initiatives but this should not leave us with public spaces full of rubbish. Barking has been blighted with rubbish, fly-tipping and bins overflowing last couple of years.

I am sure there are many others affected like me, I consider that the main factor is the pressure to reduce waste overall produced by households but are we ready for this? Clearly not!!!!


Stephen James

Resident of Barking & Dagenham Council

one year ago

This is absolutely a concern in Barking, we all respect the policies and recycling initiatives but that should not lead to streets full of rubbish. It is a total downgrade for our town and we should all join forces to make sure our council is aware of the disturbance.

I experience the same problem and many neighbours also are concerned with the ongoing and increasing issue of fly-tipping in the area, Barking & Dagenham Council needs to start considering providing free bulk collections to the area to prevent fly-tipping of furniture and especially mattresses we keep seeing in public parks that are totally unacceptable.


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