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Limit or Ban the Sale and Use of Fireworks for public use!

The fireworks affect vulnerable people, animals, and people with disabilities with extreme tenseness, anxiety and fear. They become so frightened by the noise and commotion of fireworks that they run from otherwise familiar environments and people and sadly become lost or they suffer devastating or even fatal health effects from the stress.

The noise and unpredictability of fireworks lead many pets to perceive them as a serious threat. This triggers their fight-or-flight response. My dog barks at the noises and tries to run away and hide in every possible corner she can find in our home.

Elderly people with dementia are also affected by fireworks, with medical issues ongoing for so long it can make life challenging for certain people with medical conditions, especially dementia. It doesn't matter if they’re the big displays or the little ones in the neighbourhood. In addition to the elderly with dementia, combat veterans also dislike the sights and sounds of fireworks bringing back unpleasant memories of wartime or creating dangerous flashbacks. The unexpected booms and pops startle them and make them nervous, especially the longer they go on and can lead them to be more aggressive, confused or agitated. We need to create calm, relaxing environments for our loved ones and the fireworks being accessible to the public definitely doesn't allow us to provide this environment in our own homes.

I look at every possible way to refrain from the fireworks but why do we have to run away when the government can simply put an end to this?

Please stop the public from accessing the fireworks and limit them to licenced organisations!

Limit or Ban the Sale and Use of Fireworks for public use!
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