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Adulthood preparations showcase for 14-25 year olds

My mother gave me a leaflet that the council has announced a series of showcases for preparing the young residents for adulthood, it sounds strange at first but considering the issues we have with my brother who is only 15 and not really taking a direction of what my family expects him to do, aggressive and annoying arguments are inevitable in our home, my mum will also join on Thursday 24 Nov to ask professionals how we should handle this problem of not being able to effectively communicate with someone aged 15 and involved in load of problematic kids in school. We lost the language ability with him recently, and no communication is possible, just shouting, not even conversing this is being repeated many times affected all family members in various ways.

I will go to the showcase to get help in relation to supported employment to see what options are available as resources. I also believe this may be an opportunity for residents to be more involved in the community, education, health and care planning. My family is hoping they can reach the right help through the show and recommend every resident to attend. Great work from the council and we appreciate that this is programmed for us..



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