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Business Gateway workshops in Argyll and Bute helps to gain knowledge for all levels of business!

I have been supported so much by Business Gateway of Argyll & Bute, they offered me free and impartial business advice to start up and develop my local business. Being provided with a wealth of information tailored to my business needs, the local office in Lochgilphead offers one-to-one support from business advisers as well as holding a range of locally run courses had been a great part of the programme.

Having issues with a proper business plan and fundraising for my business I decided to try the programme and the services they deliver. It has made an immediate impact on all my applications for funding, helped me to secure a start-up loan, build confidence in myself and my business, they even have seminars for self-employed people on how to make self-assessment tax returns. I had sessions to learn how to promote and manage the business online which was an area I was not knowledgeable enough about. The council supporting young business entrepreneurs like this is very supportive and hopes it continues.


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