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Children, Young People & Families - Environmental Problems and 1 more Children, Young People & Families and 2 more

Excellent and prompt response on a a moulded property reported to the council.

I and my family have been residing in this 2 bedroom flat owned by the council for the last 11 months, when we first moved in it was ok but still, the walls felt too wet and cold to touch then summer came we did not see much of the effect of the actual problem.

One day my son started scratching some of the wallpaper with his tiny fingers saying that he saw something coming out of the wall, when I got close I have seen that the wall is moulded and something way worse is awaiting us behind the covered part. Whatever we tried there was always insufficient ventilation in the house and we could not understand or know what the reason was, have called the council and asked for help, and in 2 days we had someone arriving from the contractor company check out. This was fast but the report sent back to the council have been showing that it is not appropriate for a family with 2 and 4-year-old children to reside. Our housing officer contacted us and placed us in a new apartment that is not carrying any health hazards for our family, having tears at that moment made me think that we are lucky to live here with a local government that cares about its residents. Thank you so much to all in the housing department of Wyre Forest District Council.



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