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Excellent help and support for public to access benefits.

I am a resident of Aberdeenshire for 18 years since we moved here for my partner's work, our time was always filled with good memories, raising children with higher education, having our first house and participating in public campaigns for the local government to improve services. Recently my partner had been made redundant and we had so much difficulty financially, especially with rising costs of living, it was near to impossible for us to make month-end meet. We contacted the council first time ever for this sort of reason and I can't say anything to their responses but THANK YOU!

They have been very supportive, kind, and understanding, helped us with the crises budget set to support families in need and we breathed in relief for the first time in months. I am sure many do not have much opinion about the benefits department unless it was an obligation for them to access the services but I believe it is worth mentioning in this platform that Aberdeenshire is one of the most supportive as I read horrendous comments for many other councils for similar people in need having nothing near to our experience with their own local authority.


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