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Parking & Transport

Council sending PCN to an address being used 5 years ago and passing the PCN to collectors!

I have been experiencing issues with the council's parking department sending recent PCN which is questionable to a 5-year-old address which doesn't seem to make any sense while I had all the mail in the right address from them.

As this is unacceptable the department of parking deals with the PCNs are not helpful either, the collector sends letters and pressurizing me for invalid PCN escalated to a matter that I had to contact the Traffic Enforcement Office and had to make a wow in the Romford County Court that the address is wrong and the PCN has never been received. The story doesn't end with this, I contact the council knowing that it won't disappear and no response from them at all.

We are residents and at the same time customers of the council, we would like to be treated right but the local authority doesn't respond to matters is making the situation worse. I am sure many other go through the same as I did and if we do not raise our concerns and gather to become a stronger force for change this will go on as it is. I will not even be surprised if I see the same PCN being escalated to the same situation without my knowledge as they will do no changes to the address again. I had enough experience of the council department not caring to respond and this wasted time of residents trying to sort it our needs to be compensated in one way.


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