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Mounting piles of rubbish at blocks of flats in the town.

I am a resident of the borough since birth, we receive notifications from the council for being more than 51% recyclers and all the good indicators are thrown around but in reality, the residents are not very happy with small size bins and the piles of rubbish mounting on them right in the town centre.

Having tried many times complaining I do not see much being changed in this matter. As reporting this now on this platform publicly I hope there will be some action towards the problem. I remember reading in the Kent Messenger how a towering pile of waste at Shipley Court in Wyatt Street was left to stew for two months. I am only concerned the situation is getting worse in other flats. If there are large enough bins in these areas we won't face this problem but only analytical expression of how many bins are required according to building population does not make justice for this issue, we have to be more assertive and if more are needed they have to be placed!!



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