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Community Safety & Crime - Neighborhood

Threatening behaviour, vandalism and damage to property

The neighbour smashed the wall and got into my property with no consent from the loft. I'm not comfortable going to the local shop as I'm worried I will bump into him and I think he plays on my mental health, it's so easy just to blame it on that as even police officers have been keeping me on hold for the forensic team has been holding me for over 4 years and have never had the evidence required for the accusations to be carried to the court. The actions of this man has costed thousands to me to repair and he does this constantly it is such a nightmare that doesn't end when woke up.

I live with this situation and no department in council has been ever sympathising the situation and trying to help to keep the peace in this street of Dagenham.

I hope this report may take its place in the society, expecting all support from anyone and my council in relation to this crime ongoing in Dagenham.


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