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Valence ward transferred from the Barking constituency to Dagenham and Rainham

I am a resident of the Valance ward, the recent release of the Barking and Dagenham MP constituency boundary plans shows that the Valence ward is transferred from the Barking constituency to Dagenham & Rainham. I am not happy because this is going to break ties between Barking and Valance Ward. A final constitution is open for us to submit views until 5 December and I am reporting that many residents in Valance Ward are not happy about this change and would request this back to how it was.

The recommendations that will be provided to the Parliament need to clearly state our concerns over the new map before submission. Comments from members of the public on initial proposals have not included the valuable evidence of all members of the local community. The council needs to be more active to share these proposals with the public to make all aware and take part in the recommendations.


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