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Benefits & Support - Housing Benefits & Support and 1 more

They are something terrible in our world

They suspended my housing benefit for no good reason for quite a few months ; than I queried I was told they have too much work to do; didn’t put any of this on their notes as if never happened. Due to this me and my little kid got harassed by the landlord and broke our good relationship we had with him and his kids as friends for my kid. Than it turned so bad that we had to leave council turned me down for help despite him harassing us ( I provided pictures, messages, I recorded some videos), council didn’t bother to take any action against him, I told me to wait until he calls bailiffs and than we are actually on the street with all our staff to come to council for help. Later they accepted the fault, the damage done to us never was compensated. They placed us far away from where we lived and my kids school in a temporary shared accommodation where basically you have just enough space to pass from your bed to door. The person responsible for that accommodation was also holding some sort of position in the council. I didn’t know at the time. The house was ugly ( but the charge for it was as if it would be something really nice in a private sector) and there were a few health and safety issues which concerned me. So I complained to him and as he didn’t want to listen and told me either to stop complaining or I will have to leave. I complained to council, they didn’t upheld it and soon after that I was told to move to another temporary accommodation ( bare in mind they told me to change school to this area than we moved; glad I didn’t). Than I asked why, I was told that they can’t keep me in the temporary accommodation for longer than this ( it was a few months only). So they moved us to way worse place, with people who have obvious aggression and social problems to share kitchen and bathroom. From time to time I would be woken up by the police coming to ask questions about the incidents I didn’t see at night. It had broken windows, insecure doors and in general it looked discussing place to live in. They kept us there for a whole year. Than they moved us to 2 bedroom flat but on a temporary basis. It looked alright but it was something wrong with it as we couldn’t sleep in a bedrooms. It would make us feel sick. We didn’t realise this for awhile and once we did, it was too late for me. My health is affected so bad that it’s been quite a few years and I’m still recovering not even sure from what. And no than I mentioned that something is not right with a house no one came to look at the problem seriously. I happened to notice that the floors under carpet where covered in some kind of dirt and the smell from the pipes under little cupboards could be explained by obviously rotten space around it ( no idea about inside them). When I asked to look into it I was told there is no problem and no smell. If it was just me maybe I would have thought i’got something going on but than my kid and friends) confirmed. So the way I see this is that they want you to pay rent and council tax and they don’t give a damn about you, your or your kids health no matter what you do. They do not see or do not acknowledge their own wrongdoing but they rush to stump on you and they will make your life a hell to get their money. I’m not saying this just because of these 2 incidents there is way more but I’ve been writing here for long enough.


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